7 Super Snacks to Keep Handy!

As some of us travelling  during March Break or we find ourselves on road rushing here and there, these type of things can easily sabotage our plans for healthy living.  Mind Body Green shares some suggestions on what types of “Super Snacks” to keep handy. (taken from their article HERE)

Mind Body Green.com recommends to never leave home without these perfect seven healthy essentials:

1. Green drink powder

If you’ve ever looked for broccoli at airport restaurants but the only greenery they offered was iceberg lettuce, you know how hard getting fresh vegetables can become on the road. That’s why I always carry a low-sugar impact powdered greens supplement. While it doesn’t fast-pass me from foregoing broccoli, green powder provides a little leeway if I can’t meet my veggie quota when I’m traveling.

2. Dark chocolate

Curb your sweet tooth without the guilt. Find a high-cacao (85 or 90%), low-sugar impact, preferably organic bar. Among its benefits, dark chocolate can help curb on-the-road jitters. “A randomized, placebo-controlled trial published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology revealed that people who drank a dark chocolate drink, equal to about 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate per day, felt calmer than those who did not,” says Dr. William Cole. Break off a serving and step away from the chocolate. Otherwise, you might eat the whole bar waiting for takeoff.

3. Green tea

Among the zillion reasons to regularly drink green tea are improved detoxification, immunity, digestive health, and fat loss. All things you especially want while traveling, right? The primary compound in green tea, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), boosts metabolism while the amino acid theanine provides calm for frazzled nerves as you’re going through security. I usually hit up a coffee shop for green tea, but packing my own tea bags saves me time and money.

4. Coconut milk

I always travel with little cartons of unsweetened coconut milk. They don’t require refrigeration and provide a great way to get fat-burning medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) and immune-boosting lauric acid that coconut milk is rich in.

5. Protein powder

Protein shakes become my number one needle mover for fast, lasting fat loss that save time, money and trying to figure out whether a scone fits into your low-sugar impact diet. (Sorry, but no.) Protein shakes are convenient, portable, take seconds to whip up, yet curb hunger and cravings for hours. I put non-soy, non-dairy plant- or animal-based protein powder in little plastic baggies for the road. I second Ella Woodward’s suggestion to carry a travel blender, which makes whipping up protein shakes a breeze.

6. Nitrate-free jerky

A fabulous way to get hunger-curbing protein and healthy fats without cooking or refrigeration (check out this fabulousPrimal Jerky. Nitrate-free, gluten-free, grass-fed beef jerky isn’t your thing? Look for a wild-caught salmon or turkey jerky.

7. Dehydrated or low-roasted nuts and seeds

According to Dr. Ronald Hoffman, nuts are portable, versatile, nutrient-rich and promote satiety, all of which makes them a no-brainer travel snack. Like dark chocolate, watch your portion sizes or a handful of almonds can become the whole bag.

Do you have any other go-to healthy snacks?  We’d love to hear from you!

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Today is THE Day to Ask About BioFlex Laser Therapy at Johnston Health Center

 Today is a good day to ask about BioFlex Laser Therapy – Disorders of the spine are a leading medical condition that interfere with an individual’s quality of life and the ability to work & play. They can occur in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine and are characterized by a wide range of symptoms including pain, muscle spasm, stiffness, restricted mobility and weakness of the extremities.

Laser therapy can be an effective treatment for disorders of the spine along with chronic pain and much more. View this case study to learn firsthand, how Laser Therapy can increase the quality of your life!

For more information regarding Laser Therapy, book a free consultation:

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Your Words Matter…Especially Your Health Words.

logo_uikit (2)Dr Sarah Farrant has become the ‘tell it like it is’, no fluff, mentor to moms. She is the founder and CEO of Vital Moms and is dedicated to plucking moms from the Rx merry-go-round and giving them a new way to approach their own and their children’s health. Today, she supports, mentors, and educates thousands of parents globally.

This morning we spent some time reading through her article “Words matter. Are you speaking the right words to communicate HEALTH to yourself and your child?”  This article carefully reminds us that our words can quickly build our child up..or tear them quickly down.   “Everything we create,” says Farrant, ” begins with a thought that is then communicated through words, actions or an image. With our health, it is valuable to consider that what we speak is what we create.”

Do you know what health language you are speaking to your family?  Read through her article to find out how Sarah and her husband have made changes in their health discussions to help empower their children in terms of health.  Read this fascinating article HERE.

We think Sarah summed it up correctly when she said ” What a privilege we have when we can model a way of thinking and communicating to our children that will empower them to change their circumstances as they wish to, allowing for better function and more fun in life.”

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Source:  http://vitalmoms.com/words-matter-are-you-speaking-the-right-words-to-communicate-health-to-yourself-and-your-child/#sthash.ooHEqVDN.dpuf

– See more at: http://vitalmoms.com/why-dr-sarah/#sthash.Bixgn00Z.dpuf

You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

image1 (8)

Learning About Laser Therapy:

Laser Therapy is a safe, non-invasive and drug free technology that accelerates the healing of injuries to get you back to the activities you enjoy. The treatment uses laser and light sources to stimulate energy for the cells in the body that repair tissue, reduce inflammation and reduce pain.

Laser Therapy is effective for a broad range of pathologies, including musculoskeletal injuries, arthritis, soft tissue and sports injuries. Unlike many modalities and pharmaceutical solutions which only modulate symptoms or mask the perception of pain, Laser Therapy treats the underlying condition, as well as reducing pain, providing a safe and lasting treatment option.

Here is what some of our patients had to say about their experience with our Laser Therapy Services:

Jan 19, 2compliment015

My knees were a mess.  It was very difficult to walk and stairs were also very difficult for me.  Will and Erin worked with me and the laser was so great.  There was no pain, it was easy to sit and receive the treatment.  I can not say enough regarding their care.  I am a long term patient and as I grow older they will take care of me!
Sharon R

January 16, 2015
I have had chronic wrist pain for years.  With one laser therapy treatment my wrist is 90% better.  This is absolutely amazing. Paul

Are you suffering from pain?  Arthritis? Sports Injury?  Learn more about Johnston Health Center’s Laser Therapy Services by book a free consultation and demonstration today:

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source: http://www.bioflexlaser.com/extremities_month/


Migraines and Laser Therapy

Processed with MoldivMigraines affects more than 10% of the population.  With symptoms typically lasting from 4-72 hours, excruciating at various times, you try everything to make the pain and nausea go away.  With many potential triggers including red wine, hypoglycemia, excessive stimuli (flashing lights or strong odors), weather change, lack of sleep or even stress, the frustration of trying to figure out what caused the episodes and the remedy to stop them are generally a variety of medications with their own side effects.

Laser therapy has been utilized for the last 40 years to treat acute and chronic conditions.  It has been discovered that with laser therapy patients have had a significant decrease in the number of headaches per month, a reduction in the severity of the pain and duration compared to migraines prior to the start of the laser treatments. (Kahn, Fred, MD.  Laser Report, Summer 2014.)

Interested in learning more about Laser Therapy at Johnston Health Center and how it can benefit you as a migraine sufferer?  Sign up for a free consultation and demonstration:

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Laser Therapy and the Treatment of Sports Injuries

baseballShoulder Injuries In Baseball Pitchers

Baseball pitchers are exposed to extremes of stress, imposed in throwing a ball at speeds over 100 km per hour. These movements subject a number of anatomical regions to repetitive motion type injuries, including the shoulder, elbow, cervical and thoracolumbar spine. As might be anticipated, the most common and most serious injuries sustained by pitchers involve the shoulder joint. The reasons for this are quite obvious. From an anatomical perspective, the shoulder joint and the surrounding tissues are structurally complex, highly mobile and involved in most upper body movements.

Initially, the pitcher complains of pain and subsequently undergoes examination and treatment by the trainer. Ultrasound studies, X-rays, MRIs and PET Scans follow, often on an all too frequent basis and clearly without any significant clinical benefit. Therapy almost invariably consists of a combination of treatments designed to alleviate the symptoms. These include exercise, interferential current, ultrasound, massage and the inevitable application of ice.

Essentially, ice is a counter-irritant and is not beneficial with regard to cellular function or structure. It should be noted that these therapies modulate symptoms in contradistinction to Laser Therapy which is designed to heal tissue at the cellular level, thereby restoring normal cell structure and function. In essence, this technology cures the existing pathology and thereby achieves the desired result.

Generally, conventional therapies relieve symptoms temporarily and as the inflammation subsides, the pitcher resumes throwing. In my experience, rest, gentle stretching and the application of some heat accomplishes the same objective, probably more rapidly. Subsequent to the institution of modulation therapies, pitchers undergo a course of rehabilitation, primarily based on exercise, which may be counter-productive with regard to the healing process.

The institution of surgery following unsuccessful rehabilitation almost invariably results in permanent failure. For surgical repair to be successful, at least from a theoretical perspective, complete immobilization of the shoulder for six weeks or more would be required. This measure is seldom observed, therefore the repair is subject to technical breakdown.

We feel a more rational and elegant therapy would be to adopt the following strategy:

  • Rest (during early phase of injury)
  • Shoulder anatomy highlighting the nerves and muscles of the shoulder joint
  • The administration of Laser Therapy daily
  • Massage as indicated
  • The initiation of gentle stretching 1-2 weeks post injury

The incorporation of this relatively simple approach to all shoulder injuries sustained by baseball pitchers would lead to a cure in over 90% of all cases; a player’s career would therefore be extended. For example Duane Ward and a host of other pitchers that have labored for the Toronto Blue Jays and other baseball organizations in the past, are prime examples of the results produced utilizing the surgical approach for shoulder injuries. All too frequently, subsequent to surgery, pitchers will seldom throw the ball again – certainly not at the professional level.

Combining the healing potential of laser, nature (i.e. time) and other conservative measures, over 90% of all pitchers post injury could be returned to normal functional levels, if this strategy were to be followed.

Interested in learning more about Laser Therapy?  Submit the form below to book a free consultation and demonstration:

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From: http://www.bioflexlaser.com/sports_injuries/

Do You Have Toxic Foods in Your Kitchen?

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Toxic Foods Right at Home

We came across this fascinating article regarding some of the toxic foods that are found right in our kitchen!  Everyday items that can really make us ill if used inappropriately.    The website ca.shine.yahoo.com shares 9 toxic foods that we have in our kitchen.

We were startled by the list and thought many of our readers and followers would be too!

Take a look through your kitchen as you read through the list.  The article offers some good tips on making your kitchen a safer and healthier place.Quinoa